I’ve just become a Yoast certified SEO copywriter

I’ve had quite a lot to say on this blog about SEO: what it means to the website owner and what it means to the copywriter are two pages on the subject but, really, it’s at the heart of most things I do as a freelancer.SEO graphic relating to Yoast certified SEO copywriter

I’ve been a Yoast enthusiast for some time; this blog uses the Yoast Premium plugin which helps me optimize not only my own posts but also those I write for clients. I decided that I should go the whole hog and take their course with three aims:

  1. To make sure I kept all the many aspects of SEO firmly in mind;
  2. Because I knew that, however much I do know, there’s always something I don’t know, and I wanted to find the gaps and plug them; and
  3. So that I’d have a certificate to show people (like you?) who wanted to be sure they were offering an SEO copywriting job to someone who understood the challenge and was equipped to meet it.

Being a Yoast certified copywriter is the beginning of the journey, not the end

The Yoast certificated SEO copywriter journey never ends

In fact, the journey probably doesn’t have an end. Because search engines become cleverer month by month. Which means the copywriter has to keep up to date. Yoast is a great help, because their business is staying on top of changes in SEO and notifying their customers. They tell me what’s changed, and I modify what I write for you.

Why does SEO matter?

In may ways, I’ve dealt with that here. More than 100 million active hostnames, more than 40,000 new domains registered in one week. Against that kind of competition, you want – you need – every help you can get in helping people looking for a site like yours to find it.

That’s what SEO does; it’s why it matters; it explains the need for a certified SEO copywriter.

And here I am!