Good SEO won’t be effective without good writing

Is writing original blog posts worth the effort?

Just look at this lot:

Writing original blog posts is not for sheep

Don’t be an SEO sheep

Get one to move and I promise you, the rest will follow. Just like a bunch of sheep. Well, that’s okay because they are sheep. But we aren’t. So let’s not behave as though we were.
There was a time, and it’s a sign of the speed at which technology moves today that it wasn’t so long ago, that you could post something on your blog with the right keywords in it and be pretty sure that the SEO results would be good. That time has gone. So many posts say exactly what so many others say, and it’s pointless. The most the poster can hope for is that the reader – if there ever is a reader – will say, “Yes, I know, everyone says so,” and pass on.

Writing good blog posts involves the content as well as the SEO

A good blog post needs good SEO but it also has to be well written and it has to be original. Lots of people write what they think of as SEO blog posts – posts that focus only on the SEO and pay no attention to readability, as though a product was going to be bought by a search engine and not by a human being. Those posts are hopeless.
I recently sent to a client a post headed “Men’s underwear has changed since Granddad’s day. Have you?” She replied, “Well, that’s different! But I love it!” It went live on the website completely unchanged but for the addition of some commas. Writers have to accept that the client may overrule their preference in the matter of punctuation.
Also in the last few days, I was asked by a long-standing client to “correct” some work they had received from a new writer. When I looked at it, I knew this was not a simple editing job – the piece needed a complete rewrite and the sum offered was not enough for the work involved.

SEO without well-written, interesting content won’t do the job

Don’t get into that position. Even when SEO has brought someone to your website, the writing today must be top-notch or they’ll go away again without converting. To paraphrase an old remark about training:

If you think good copywriting is expensive, try bad copywriting.

If you’re looking for a nice safe solution exactly like everyone else’s, I can’t help you. If you want standout quality – here I am. And if you’d like to learn more about the freelance writer’s life, you’ll find it here.