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Words to avoid. Do they exist?

Words And Expressions I Won’t Use Even If It Costs Me Business Words to avoid. The headline is, of course, nonsense. There are no words and no expressions I won’t use if the customer wants them. The customer is always […]

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SEO Blog Posts: Don’t Be A Sheep

Good SEO won’t be effective without good writing Is writing original blog posts worth the effort? Just look at this lot: Get one to move and I promise you, the rest will follow. Just like a bunch of sheep. Well, […]

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Freelance Writing: The Brief

How do you get the brief right for a freelance writer? As a writer, I want a reputation as someone who meets the brief spot on, every time. A magazine editor once told me I was an editor’s dream, and […]

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How do you convert a US website for the UK?

How do you localise a US website for the UK? “Localising” a US website to do well in the UK (or vice versa) involves more than just changing spellings. Americans and the British think differently as well as speaking differently and […]

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