Why product descriptions on eCommerce sites are vital

I’ve probably become boring on this, but: Product Descriptions on eCommerce sites. Okay, I posted about them here and here. Maybe I should apologise for getting going on the subject again. I’m not going to, though.

Without product descriptions on eCommerce sites, you’re sending your customers to the competition

As it happens, I’m writing product descriptions right now. It’s something I don’t enjoy; something I only do for clients I value. In this case, my client is a marketing agency that regards me – freelancer or not – as its in-house SEO copywriter and their new client already had a big eCommerce site selling – well, never mind what they’re selling. Freelancers don’t break confidentiality. Not if they want to go on freelancing.

The thing is, this eCommerce site I’m talking about lacked product descriptions. It named the products and provided photographs but didn’t say anything about what they did and why they should be the customer’s choice. And their customer wants that information. I’ll go further; their customer needs that information. And if they didn’t find it they’d Google it. (Or Bing it, or Dogpile it, or use whatever search engine they normally use; I mention Google because that’s the choice in 70% of cases).

Product Descriptions on eCommerce sites. The information’s out there. If they don’t get it from you…

Now, as it happens, that’s also what did. I needed information about the products or I couldn’t write about them. To get that information, I searched. What I was looking for was the website of the product’s manufacturer – and I usually found it. That wasn’t the first site I found, though. In almost every case, before the product manufacturer appeared in the search engine results, the websites of the customer’s competitors were listed. Often several of them. And many of those competitors’ websites did have product details.

And that would also be what visitors to the customer’s website would find. They’d see a product, they’d think, ‘Oh…I wonder…’ and they’d need more information before they’d make the buying decision. And they wouldn’t find that information on the customer’s site. So what would they do? They’d Google the name of the product, just as I had. And, just as I had, they’d find the customer’s competitors. And they’d read there the information they were looking for about the product. And a significant number – maybe even the majority – would stay right where they were and place their order. With the competitor.

Product descriptions on eCommerce sites: keep the customerSo that’s what happens when you have an eCommerce site and you don’t provide product descriptions. You drive your potential customers into a competitor’s arms. Now why on earth would you do that?

Solution: product details on the eCommerce site. They’re tedious to write, but they’re necessary,