What is a ghost writer? How do ghost writers work?

I’m a ghost writer, and a good one. The total number of books I’ve written in other people’s names is now approaching 50. Ghost writing is often used today to describe something different from what it meant when I took on my first ghost writing job 28 years ago. That’s all right; I’m a writer, and I know how language changes and the meanings of words change. If people want to use ghost writing to describe writing an article for someone else’s blog and having it posted there with someone else’s name on it, that’s fine with me. Nevertheless, when I say ghost writing, I mean what I always meant: it will still be published under someone else’s name as the author, but in my case what I’m writing is full length books.

If you watched the video at the top of this page, you have been given some idea about how the process works. If you’d like to know a little more about me, here’s another video you can watch:

I’ve put portfolios online as flipbooks, here (fiction) and here (non-fiction). Take a look, check out the quality of my work, and decide whether you think I might be the ghost writer you’ve been looking for. If the answer is no, I wish you luck with your project. If it’s yes, send me some details on this form and I’ll get back to you: