Freelance Writer and Copywriter: and teamI am to graphics what Wayne Rooney is to the violin

I admit it: graphics are not among my strengths. I’m a writer – have been since I was a boy. When I was ten years old, I stood on stage at Benton Park Primary School and read a story I’d written to an audience of fellow-pupils and their parents. In 1989, I sold my first freelance article – to Good Housekeeping Magazine. That was a good time for me, because it was also when I sold my first story to BBC Radio and my first book to a publisher (Managing the High Tech Salesforce). Now I’m a freelance writer and copywriter. That’s what I do.
But draw? Paint? Me? Forget it.
I find it doesn’t matter. Because, if all you want is someone to produce a white paper, a blog post or web page, or write a full-length book – I’m your man. I’ve done stacks of that and I’m very, very good. But if you want someone to take my words and lay them out in a brochure – like this:

Sample freelance writer and copywriter brochure

Or a web page – like this, I can’t do it.
But, as those examples demonstrate – I know someone who can.
Increasingly, the world of work is about freelancing. Individuals applying their skills to a larger project. Sometimes, the client needs a freelancer who connects with other freelancers when needed to deliver the whole package.


If that’s you, you can stop looking. I’m here.



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