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When a customer asked how soon I’d be ready to start rewriting her website, I said it would take me about four hours to complete the website and business plan I’d been writing for another customer for the past six days. Then I’d be free. She understood the website idea – that’s what she wanted me to do for her – but she expressed surprise over the business plan. I wrote business plans?

Business plan writer

Yes, I write business plans. I was for years a company director for the EMEA division of an American multinational. I’ve set up new business operations in Nigeria, South Africa, Abu Dhabi and Turkey. I’ve negotiated distributorships in far more countries than that. Each time, I wasn’t able to start work until I submitted a business plan to our parent company; for the larger transactions the plan had to withstand scrutiny from the investment bank that funded us.

A freelance business plan writer needs to know a lot more than how to write

Writing those plans meant understanding: market research; sales and marketing; finance; and how to make strategy and processes chime with corporate objectives. Why wouldn’t I write business plans?

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