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UX. Does it mean what people seem to think it means?

Everyone talks about it — but what does UX mean? I’ll be unavailable to normal people for a week or so now, because I’ve just started a big project for a Saudi Arabian company I haven’t previously worked for and it […]

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Why you MUST have product descriptions on eCommerce sites

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=/?ref=logo&_fb_noscript=1″ /> Why product descriptions on eCommerce sites are vital I’ve probably become boring on this, but: Product Descriptions on eCommerce sites. Okay, I posted about them here and here. Maybe I should apologise for getting going on […]

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Yoast certified SEO copywriter in Shropshire

I’ve just become a Yoast certified SEO copywriter I’ve had quite a lot to say on this blog about SEO: what it means to the website owner and what it means to the copywriter are two pages on the subject […]

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Freelance Writing Product Details Update

Product Details and SEO: Why Google’s Updates to Adwords and Mobile Location Search Make Writing Product Details Even More Vital Okay, this is an update to my post about product descriptions. You’ll recall that I had a conversation with a customer who didn’t […]

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Hire A Freelance Writer, You Get What You Pay For

How much should you pay for a good SEO copywriter? When you hire a freelance writer, you get what you pay for. I regularly see posts from other freelancers who say that freelancers are getting a rough deal and I […]

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SEO Blog Posts: Don’t Be A Sheep

Good SEO won’t be effective without good writing Is writing original blog posts worth the effort? Just look at this lot: Get one to move and I promise you, the rest will follow. Just like a bunch of sheep. Well, […]

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