John Lynch, freelance writer and copywriter

John Lynch: freelance writer and copywriter

I’m a novelist; I’m also a freelance writer and copywriter. Which comes first? In fact, they’re equal. My freelance writing career began in 1989 when I sold an article on direct selling to Good Housekeeping Magazine. I’ve done a lot of other things, too, including a 40 year career in international sales during which I lived and worked on every continent except Antarctica but I always came back to writing. That isn’t surprising, really, when you remember that I started writing at the age of ten. I’m now retired from selling and writing is all I do. In the last three years I’ve published three novels; over a longer period I have three non-fiction books to my name: Managing The High Tech Salesforce, The International Sales Handbook and How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer; now I divide my time 50/50 between freelance writing and writing fiction.

Ghost writer for fiction and non-fiction. Blog posts and web pages, white papers, press releases, marketing plans, marketing collateral (brochures, data sheets), full length books and ebooks.

Freelance writer, ghost writer and copywriter. Whatever you want, however you want it written

I’ve written short blog posts and full length books; newspaper and magazine pieces and video scripts; complete websites and single page press releases. I write what you want me to write in the style in which you want it written. I’m unashamedly at the top end when it comes to pricing; I know how good I am and I’m only interested in working with people who want real quality. There’s a market for all those non-English-speaking non-writers who work for a cent a word but you won’t find me there.

My portfolio and my history

You can see samples of my work here in the form of a flipbook, and there’s a video on YouTube that will tell you more about who I am, how I got started, and what I do.

If it’s my ghost writing of full length books you’re interested in…

You’ll find more about that here.

People have said nice things about me

  • Thank You Testimonial For CopywriterMike Pereira at centerpointnews says, “John has written news stories for us since the beginning. He has a very wide range embracing tragedy, light humour and serious news and adapts the style in which he writes to the needs of the piece. He never misses a deadline and his work rarely requires editing.”
  • Tabitha Naylor at TJN Marketing:Absolutely wonderful experience working with John. Anyone who works with him is lucky to have him on their team!
  • Jeff Garibay at FieldAware: “John has been very responsive and extremely dedicated to meeting our project deadlines. He produces high quality writing at a fair price. I would not consider using anyone else. I highly recommend John to anyone who is looking for a responsive, dedicated and intelligent writer!”
  • Ivan at Hallberg Ryman AB in Sweden: “John has written the text for a number of complete websites for our clients. They range from highly technical sites relating to current developments in IT and the Cloud to more general sites covering commerce and tourism. In each case, the SEO has been good, the work has passed Copyscape and it has been possible to use John’s text virtually without editing or correction. We will use him again and would recommend his services to anyone looking for high-quality content with good SEO.”
  • Marie Carlsson, also in Sweden: “John has a great flair for writing and is thouroughly professional in his approach. His experience is evident in the high quality of the material he produces. Also, I am new to this channel and he showed me a great deal of good-humoured patience as I got to grips with how it works!

Shall we talk?

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